iOS Work

Here's a small collection of projects I've built for iOS.


The Delio landing page

Delio is the company and app that Drew and I founded and built as members of The Next 36's 2014 cohort. Our aim was to create the easiest way for young adults to learn how to cook. I designed and developed v1.0 of the universal iOS app, and conducted a private beta test to validate product/market fit.

The problem that we identified was that many young adults cannot cook, but not because of a lack of effort. Existing resources often assumed a baseline knowledge that many of them didn't have. This, among other problems, discouraged would-be cooks.

To solve this, Delio was designed to make cooking as simple as possible. Delio breaks recipes down into a series of short videos, each depicting a single, easily replicable action.

Delio was shut down following the completion of a private beta with over 100 users. Following the shut down, we decided to open source the code for the app - go ahead and give it a read!

View Source Code

Delio running on an iPad


An overview of the Blynk interface
Social features were added to increase the app's stickiness

Blynk is a company and app that provides users with their own personal, virtual stylist. Co-founded by two great friends of mine, Shums and Jaclyn, I had the opportunity to work with them briefly conducting a comprehensive overhaul of their iOS app.

I conceptualized and implemented several new features, including a social following and recommendation system, a new notification system, and a commenting system. The goal of these features was to increase the stickiness of the experience.

I also redesigned the app, simplifying the core experience while also adding new features. The main focus was on simplicity; unnecessary chrome and buttons were removed from the home screen, making way for a new, global menu. This greatly simplified navigation through the app and allowed for the inclusion of more complex features.

Blynk was recently acquired by Kik (December 2015).

Check out Blynk

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